Fourth Annual Cadbury Bunny Tryouts Are Open

The winner of the Fourth Annual Cadbury Bunny Tryouts will receive a $5,000 Cash Prize.

The Cadbury Bunny Tryouts are returning for the fourth year with a new judges panel featuring none other than the beloved past winners. Beginning today through February 21, the Cadbury brand is calling on pet owners across the country to enter their pet(s) for the chance to be in the newest Cadbury Clucking Bunny commercial and win $5,000.

Grab those bunny ears, snap a photo and enter here to make sure your pet has a chance for fame and glory. This is your pets’ chance to win a spot on the big screen and become a member of a one-of-a-kind bunny-eared club and join past winners Henri the English Bulldog (2019), Lieutenant Dan (2020), and Betty the Frog (2021) as the next Cadbury Bunny.

For the first time in Bunny Tryouts history, these former “bunnies” are returning to the competition to form the first-ever Cadbury Bunny Tryouts Judges Panel, to help narrow down the rest and select this year’s finalists.

Judge’s Tips for Entering the Cadbury Bunny Tryouts

  • Henri the English Bulldog (2019) – The “OB” (original bunny) is back and advises all pet owners to capture the personality of their pet in their entry with fun faces.
  • Lieutenant Dan (2020) – Mr. Perseverance is back with that loveable smile and his tip is to be sure to tell us why your pet is special.
  • Betty the Frog (2021) – Betty is bringing girl-power to the judges panel and her tip is to let your uniqueness shine through in your entry photo.

“We are thrilled to be invited back this year and are ready to hop in to help Cadbury kick off the 4th Annual Cadbury Bunny Tryouts. We can’t wait to see the wide variety of pets who show off their ears. Good luck to all of the contestants entering this year’s competition!”

2022 Cadbury Bunny Tryouts Judges Panel

Do you want to help pick this year’s Cadbury Bunny? Join the all-star judges and vote!

Voting opens on March 8 and runs through March 22. The new Cadbury Bunny will be announced on March 29 and featured in the iconic Cadbury Clucking Bunny commercial this spring.

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