Top 10 Travel Tips for 2022

Fundamental Travel Planning Tips for 2022

Travel has been unpredictable since the pandemic began. To help plan this year’s travel adventures, here are our Top 10 Travel Tips for 2022.

As the coronavirus continues to spread many countries have chosen to resume tourism. If you are among the ones that choose to travel, you should be aware that travel requirements vary between countries. The rules change even from state to state and city to city so try to stay abreast of the current requirements to stay out of trouble.

Plan For the Worst and Hope for the Best

When traveling in these conditions one should remember that the situation is fluid and plans should be made for emergencies. You don’t have to look far to see examples of this issue. The Norwegian Escape stopped sailing 4 days before its scheduled dock but that didn’t mean passengers got to leave the ship immediately. The Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity cruise liners diverted to the Bahamas with all passengers aboard to avoid being impounded for unpaid fuel bills.

Top 10 Travel Tips for 2022

How To Prepare for Travel in 2022

  1. Set Your Budget

    Many will tell you to choose your destination before setting a budget. The only people who do that are people with enough money they don’t consider things like a budget. Determine how much money you can spend on your trip before spending money on it. Having an emergency fund puts a buffer between you and the obstacles travel can throw at you.Set Your Budget

  2. Choose a Destination Open to Your Country.

    Now that you know how much money you can spend on your trip you can make a top 10 list of destinations that will be within your fiscal limits. Determine how much time you have and narrow down which destinations you can actually visit within that time and pick one.Pick a Destination

  3. Use a Travel Agent

    In most cases, a Travel Agent can plan your vacation cheaper, cover more bases, and avoid more pitfalls than most individuals can. They buy in bulk and have preexisting deals with airlines, hotels, cruise lines, car rentals, and almost anything you need for travel and they have dealt with almost every issue.Use a Travel Agent

  4. Buy Travel Insurance.

    Insurance is one of those things that be evaluated to determine if you need it. If you’re driving from Phoenix to Denver, then your existing car and health insurance are good, no extras are needed. However, if you are taking a plane, train, automobile, and boat to a remote part of the Amazon, you will need Travel Insurance. Insurance prices can vary widely, with most packages costing between 5 and 12 percent of the total trip.Buy Travel Insurance

  5. Stay Updated on COVID-19 Protocols, Travel Guidelines, and Restrictions.

    Check the CDC website for the latest COVID-19 protocols, travel guidelines, and restrictions. Different countries, states, and cities have different restrictions and requirements.

  6. Print Several Copies of Your Travel Documents and Passport Photo Page.

    You should have one original that you keep with you, one copy that you keep with you but separate from the originals, and one copy that you can leave with a trusted individual. The copies are not legally binding but they will go a long way to recovering the necessary replacement documents.

  7. Register With the Consulate.

    Register your travel plans with your country’s Consulate just in case something goes wrong. They will have your information and a rough idea of where you are at if they need to come to your aid.Register With the Consulate

  8. Call Your Bank

    Alert your bank that you’ll be traveling and using your debit and credit cards. Ask about transaction fees and your bank’s emergency phone number in the US (no 800 numbers, direct numbers only) to call if you have a problem.Call Your Bank

  9. Arrange for Your House or Apartments Security While You Are Gone.

    An unattended house draws criminals so if you have someone, ask them to pick up the mail and newspapers. If not ask the post office to hold your mail and cancel your newspaper delivery until you return.
    Arrange for Your House or Apartments Security

  10. Review Baggage Requirements and Pack The Essentials

    The Transportation Security Administration’s website has an up-to-date list of what you can bring on the plane with you and what you must check. Pack for the weather you will be going to, and take only what you will need. Think about what you might pick up while on your travels, you will need a way to bring it back.
    Review Baggage Requirements

These tips to help you plan your next big adventure are just the beginning. Each step has many small sub-steps to check off. The more research you do while planning your next vacation will make it a more enjoyable and fun experience. Plan well and travel safe my friends.

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Bonny Calypso
Bonny Calypso
Bonny Calypso is a travel and lifestyle photojournalist based in Miami. She loves to focus on weird and offbeat destinations around the world.
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